Dissertation Checklist and the Process Timeline Explained

It’s essential to construct a dissertation process timeline when it’s time to get serious about preparing your dissertation. This checklist will allow you to plan the time you’ll be working on your dissertation and keep you on schedule. A precise dissertation checklist will function as an overview to help you during a lengthy and challenging procedure.

While we frequently speak to a dissertation as a monolith, numerous moving elements make up a dissertation. A dissertation checklist is a list of objectives you must complete before the thesis defense, edits, and eventual submission.

Speaking with your thesis adviser and writing a research schedule is a great strategy. One that is feasible for the extent and complexity of your project and contains deadlines before starting your dissertation. This strategy will offer you much-needed order and a feeling of what’s coming next. Request samples from your field graduates to understand what a finished dissertation seems like and the features your degree demands.

A few often-asked questions regarding creating a dissertation checklist are as follows:

  • What does a dissertation schedule entail?
  • What should a dissertation checklist contain?
  • What should a dissertation checklist look like?
  • How do you work with a dissertation checklist?

Keep reading to get the answers to these questions!

What does a dissertation schedule entail?

A thesis checklist is a form of an outline. Whereas each writer’s planning method is different, they all have certain similarities. Similarly, you’ll need to incorporate all of the primary parts of your thesis. Also, include the time you anticipate you’ll need to complete them while drafting a checklist for dissertation.

The ideal dissertation timeline structure is convenient for you during the process of writing a dissertation. On the other hand, writing a dissertation checklist is not the moment to be overdoing it. A simple, straightforward list that estimates the time you believe you’ll need to finish will work as a starting point.

What should you include in a dissertation checklist?

Include every aspect of the thesis in your dissertation checklist, from the abstract to the conclusion. Remember that you don’t have to write your chapters sequentially. For example, most graduate students will undertake their literature review after finishing their first batch of research and formulating their research questions, even though it appears after the abstract and introduction in the finished piece.

Most papers include parts for approach, results, and discussion, based on the topic of study. However, many programs also require hints at future research prospects. There are also appendices for diagrams, graphs, and other ephemera in every thesis and an exhaustive reference list. And always remember to include your acknowledgements!

What should a dissertation checklist look like?

Once you begin the research study, the framework of your dissertation checklist will take form. Although a road map is an excellent metaphor for a thesis, starts, pauses, and looping around are included. After starting your research, you may have to set aside extra time to go through sources. You might also have to rephrase your research topic thoroughly.

Many individuals create their thesis checklists as they progress, linking current drafts of their abstract and introduction to their timeline. They may do it in a large sheet with connections to several papers and sources. All of these approaches are legitimate. Make a plan that appeals to you.

How do you work with a dissertation checklist?

So, what do you do with a well-thought-out, well-constructed dissertation checklist? First and foremost, make every effort to follow it. Constantly monitor your thesis timeline and utilize it to stay disciplined. Finally, review your list if you feel you’re rushing through your basic research but want extra time for your literature review.

While effective time management is critical, you should build your dissertation checklist with the knowledge that many graduates have setbacks. Anything might arise, but having a dissertation schedule can assist you to check dissertation progress when the danger has passed.

Dissertation Sample Schedule

Check out this dissertation checklist while establishing a dissertation sample schedule.

  1. Make a list of your assumptions.
  2. Before you start planning your timetable, talk about your assumptions.
  3. Make a list of all the jobs that you must complete.
  4. Calculate the time it will take to complete each activity.
  5. Make a list of things that you can complete simultaneously.
  6. In chronological sequence, list the functions and their projected durations.
  7. Make a timetable for yourself.
  8. Review the schedule for sanity sake.
  9. Examine the timetable with a recent graduate or two, ideally from your department, who have completed their theses.
  10. Include milestones to monitor significant dissertation progress and assumptions and, if necessary, change the timetable.
  11. Convert your schedule into the method you’ll be using to keep track of it.
  12. Craft a thesis.


When it comes to drafting a dissertation, time is crucial. Making a checklist before handing in dissertation establishes explicit time constraints for writing and research and influences several important decisions. These decisions include getting ready for the career path, which commonly happens simultaneously with completing your dissertation.

There’s little doubt that this will be a demanding period in your graduate program. However, keeping everything in view with a coherent dissertation checklist will help.