30+ Interesting Nursing Thesis Topic Ideas & Writing Tips

A nursing thesis is like any other thesis – in that it needs to be submitted before completing your nursing degree. This project is usually done to demonstrate your knowledge in a particular nursing field.

However, nursing, like medicine, is a broad field. Thus, choosing a suitable topic may be challenging. But, this challenge can be addressed with good knowledge of your interest, research requirements, and external help.

Here, we will explain what it takes to write nursing research and provide some nursing dissertation topics to aid your selection.

What factors should you consider when selecting a nursing research topic?

Since thesis topics for nursing are significant, it is vital to consider them carefully before choosing one. You’d need to invest your effort into selecting one that is:

  • Fascinating
  • Important
  • Explorative
  • Precise
  • Original
  • Valuable

Consider asking your lecturers or supervisors for recommendations on making your thesis more particular. These instructions will help you be more productive in your study.

Topics for nursing research

The following is a list of possible nursing concerns organized by subject:

Childhood nursing

If you want to specialize in pediatric nursing, you can research topics related to children’s nursing. Here are some study nursing thesis examples to consider:

  1. Antibiotics’ effect on children’s immunity
  2. Pediatric care ethics
  3. Genetic influences of diabetes in children
  4. Advances toward treatment of childhood cancer
  5. Influence of child’s health in later life
  6. Improvement of childcare in inpatient hospitals
  7. Prevention of malnutrition in children
  8. Obesity prevention measures for children
  9. Resistance to antibiotics in infants
  10. Obesity in children

Adult nursing

Adult nursing refers to the treatment of patients aged 18 upwards. If you want to write nursing thesis papers in this career in nursing, you may choose any of the topics listed:

  1. Investigating the advantages of collaborative nursing
  2. Examining depression’s causes
  3. Examination of nursing’s heritage and significance in medical services
  4. Treatments for bipolar illnesses not based on drugs
  5. Euthanasia’s morality
  6. Panic disorder treatment history
  7. Severe anxiety syndrome triggers
  8. Analysis of a region’s dental and oral health
  9. Eating disorder treatment

Midwifery nursing

A midwife is a professional who has finished midwifery education and is responsible for caring for women through childbirth. If you want to pursue midwifery as a career, you should do some study on the subject. Here are some nursing thesis ideas:

  1. Midwifery history in minority communities
  2. Examination of autistic women’s birthing experiences
  3. Mother-child connection during postnatal care
  4. Examination of treatments for postpartum depression
  5. Case studies of positive birth experiences
  6. Case studies of positive postnatal situations
  7. Managing the experience of becoming a parent through difficult births
  8. Studies of non-pharmaceutical pain relief In labor
  9. Disabilities treated during pregnancy
  10. Treatments for pregnancy-caused hypertension

Elderly nursing

Nursing care for patients above 65 is known as elderly nursing. Consider a nursing dissertation thesis topic that focuses on caring for older patients if you are intrigued by this field. Here are some examples of topics:

  1. Cardiovascular degeneration and age-related variables
  2. Nutrition as a determinant in dementia research
  3. Investigation of the impact of aging on the immune system
  4. Examination of indications of malnutrition in the elderly
  5. Efforts to improve the management of pain in the elderly
  6. Parkinson’s illness as a case study
  7. Critical care ethics for elderly patients
  8. Efforts to enhance the oral health of elderly individuals
  9. Cardiovascular danger management
  10. Alzheimer’s disease medications

Writing tips for a good nursing thesis

Successfully writing a thesis is no easy task. You’d need to find reputable literature review sources, and invest ample time into research, writing, editing, etc. And these steps are not a walk in the park. You’d need more than hard work to produce an excellent nursing thesis.

Here are some professional tips on how to write an excellent thesis for nursing students:

  • Choose the ideal topic

A significant study area will make the bulk of the job much easier to explore. The subject of study determines everything that occurs in the analysis and drafting of the paper. Whatever the topic, ensure that you have a deep interest in it and there are sufficient information resources on it.

You should also seek your supervisor’s expert opinion if you are unsure of its acceptability. You will conserve time and effort if you get it correctly at the topic level.

  • Proper preparation

Proper preliminary preparation on the part of the student makes it possible to write an excellent dissertation. Gathering enough literature, studying resources and notes and establishing appropriate work areas are just a few of these preparations.

  • Split the tasks

Break down large projects into smaller, more achievable jobs. When working independently, doing one task after another keeps you motivated. Creating deadlines for each work makes this more successful.

  • Make time for it

When there is no scheduled time, it might be abused and wasted. The best course of action is to set aside specific times for particular chores and adhere to the schedule. Drafting a schedule becomes a handy tool during this period.

  • Seek assistance

Even while working in a team, you may want assistance with tasks in which you lack confidence. This assistance will help ease your work, thereby giving it your best.


It’s no surprise that the process of writing a thesis in nursing can be challenging, especially when choosing a topic. However, you will likely have it easier if you employ the steps provided. Information is also crucial in any writing as it serves as the foundation.

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